Product & Targeting

“Over the years, Muslim Ad Network has allowed Helping Hand USA to reach the Muslim audience in building brand awareness and viable conversions. We highly recommended Muslim Ad Network as an advertising solution” – Mariya Nadeem (Director Marketing, HHRD)

We get it. Reaching Muslim consumers online has traditionally been complex, expensive and time consuming…that is until now! Introducing Reach Muslims Anywhere ™  by Muslim Ad Network (MAN)

One single platform to reach millions of Muslim consumers wherever they are browsing online, including the Internet’s most popular websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and more. 

Only through MAN can a brand effectively target ads to Muslim consumers instantly across thousands of websites and apps. We can configure advertising campaigns to a variety of objectives including brand lift, traffic acquisition, generating sales. 

Featured Targeting Capabilities

    • Age

    • Gender
    • Location
    • Device type (mobile, desktop, tablet) 
    • Audience interests 
    • Parental status
    • Income 

Our Method: 

    • Our Reach Muslims Anywhere ™  ad targeting technology gives us the ability to serve ads to a Muslim consumers anywhere they are browsing on the internet on any device 
    • With our unmatched demographic data, we’re able to target ads to Muslim consumers in a variety of ways (using targeting parameters listed above) 
    • We have exclusive partnerships with leading publishers with Muslim audiences 
    • The ability to target Muslim consumers with ads based on their email addresses and more!