Advertiser FAQ’s

Who are your publishers?

Though we do no provide a full list of publishers we do have a selected list of our major publishers on our website. Rest assured, all of our publishers are targeting the Muslim market and are pre-screened additions to the Muslim Ad Network family.

What is an advertiser and/or publisher?

An advertiser is a business that needs to market its product and services to the Muslim market. Publishers are websites that publish content to draw Muslim visitors and readers. In traditional marketing, a TV station like NBC or ABC is the publisher and the advertiser produces commercials to reach the audience that watches the shows (content). Online, the advertiser creates banner advertisements to reach the audience that is reading and watch online content. Our publishers display these advertisements on their webpage to help get you more customers.

How quickly can you launch my campaign?

That’s easy! Once we have all the banner ads (creatives) for your campaign, we can have your campaign live within a few hours!

Do you offer online marketing only, or do TV and newspaper as well?

We focus only on online marketing to Muslims. Although valuable in some cases, offline marketing doesn’t provide the ROI and statistics that we like to provide our advertisers.

Why should I go through a middleman when I can go directly to the website on your publisher list?

We are more than just a middleman. We are experts about the highly-affluent Muslim consumer market, and we will work with you to launch a campaign that will result in the best ROI for your business. If you haven’t already noticed, we have an extensive publisher list.

If you had the time and the energy to contact every single one, then you would find out many of those publishers have exclusive pricing agreements with us. So, not only are you saving time because you can access all those publishers from one channel, you are going to save money as well.

Additionally, if you were to contact publishers yourself, you would need to customize individual campaigns to suit your banners. Not all publishers will offer the same banners and your marketing team will have to produce many iterations of the same creative – costing you more time and money. Then, instead of contacting each publisher to get your campaign placed, you would have to ensure they started your campaign on it’s agreed upon start date, request metrics and data from each publisher, and eventually, end your campaign with them.

So, Muslim Ad Network has taken all the guesswork out of the equation. Additionally, if you want to be confident that you can always reach someone on the phone, you know you can always reach us.

Where do my ads show up? How do I know they are showing up there?

Since we are advertising online, your ads will appear up online. Our publishers show your ads on their website using our advertising platform.

In traditional advertising, a TV station would be considered a publisher (they publish/produce shows for an audience to watch) and they profit from advertisers putting TV commercials on those channels. With internet marketing, the TV station is now a website and the commercial is now a banner advertisement. But the end result is to help you get more business.

We are all in this together to help each other out. Advertiser. Publisher. Network. Muslim Ad Network has special relationships with our publishers to get you the best rates and the best ad placement, all in one place. Whenever someone visits our publisher, an ad will show on the page showcasing your banner ad. Since all of our publishers target and focus on Muslims, you can rest assure that your advertising is always relevant. No research and guesswork required.

Best of all, your success is measurable. At the end of every week we will send you detailed reports about your campaign performance. You will know how many people saw your advertisement (how does the potential of 100,000 Muslims PER DAY seeing your ad sound to you?). We can even tell you how many of those people went to your webpage. No matter how big or how small your advertisement is, you are guaranteed to know how your ad is performing.

What do you guys do exactly? How can you help my business?

Muslim Ad Network has done all the hard work for you – with our reach, you can advertise on popular Muslim lifestyle websites with ease. We know how hard it is to go out there and reach Muslims online. We are the only network that connects you and your business with the online Muslim market.

Muslim Ad Network can help you achieve your business goals. If your goal is to get more shoppers to your website, to get more donations for your relief organization, or if you just want Muslims to know you exist, we can help you do that with ease. We can help you strengthen your brand and your business in front of the customers you want most – Muslims!